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Academic Context

Architecture | Thesis

Solo Project

15 Weeks


I wanted to design Institutional building for my thesis. National Institute of Design was going to come up with a campus in northern part of India.It is a proposed project by the government. Since my third year of college, I used to visit NID, Ahmedabad so I knew about the culture of it. I thought I could give justice to this project. Therefore, I took this as my thesis project. It is a hypothetical project. My aim was to design the campus according to the requirement of the students. I did not want it to be a cosmopolitan building instead wanted to be a reflection of NID, Ahmedabad.   


The primary concept for NID was that it should be an open space with hardly any walls. It is not only metaphor of academic freedom but also for environmental purposes. NID was established in 1962. It was an experimental based college because it didn’t start with all design courses. A few courses were added while some substracted with the time. Therefore, all the design studios and workshops were randomly placed. 




Description of the

building designed

The fixed components are the RCC columns and beams, the floor slabs and brick shells. Internally the partition walls can be demolished and can be built elsewhere. The aluminium and glass partition can be dismantled and reassembled to different spaces as per requirements or can be removed totally to create a single, continuous space. On the first and second floor, studios are provided which also has access from interior. Massing is done which serves as chajja for the bottom spaces. Courtyards is placed in between the interior spaces for informal interactions and for cool breeze to pass through. On the third floor of admin block, common activity spaces like library and auditorium is provided and all are connected by passages having parapet which can be used as informal sitting.




Industrial Design department

Product design

Ceramic design

Furniture design

Textile design

Visual Communication Design department

Graphic Design



Film and Video


Foundation Studio

In foundation studio, brief of both Industrial and Visual Communication courses is taught. According to the evaluation of their grades, they are segregated into these design courses. It is located in between the two departments so that students will be able to observe work of their seniors and can be in constant touch with all design fields and may be able to take a decision as to which field they are interested in. 


Visual Communication 

Design department

Graphic Design



Film and Video

Industrial Design department

Product design

Ceramic design

Textile design

Furniture design

Foundation Studio


Studio Design

Studio is designed keeping in mind interaction of students. It is divided into two layers with the centre part being the gathering space. Studio is provided with drafting tables, storage, lockers and display area with balcony. Courtyards are provided in between for natural ventilation and north light is also taken care of.



Workshop Design

After analysing the function, circulation and requirement for workshop, I divided it into three parts:– Display area Working area Storage



Site Analysis

The site is located in Kurukshetra, Haryana. It is located next to National highway No.1 which runs to Delhi in south and Chandigardh in North and further is surrounded by proposed ring road. Kurukshetra is developing as an educational hub. This will provide easy access to students to places like railway stations and bus stops. The site was provided by Urmi village to the government for making NID here. It is further surrounded by agricultural land. Bridge and ring road are going to get developed according to the town development plan.



Major physiographic unit Alluvial plain Major Drainage Markhanda river.


Major Soil Types

Clayey loam, sandy.


Climate, Rainfall

Hot and dry, 582mm

site plan.jpg


SWOT Analysis


It is having ring road on its surroundings so every part of Kurukshetra is easily accessible. Effective drainage system is planned after floods.


There are very few entertainment or recreational zones where students can enjoy in free time. It is not developed as a city yet. Proposals are made.


It is the first National Institute of Design in northern part of India. Kurukshetra is becoming an educational hub so it provides good environment for students to interact.


It is on NH1 so threats of accidents is there. Floods were recorded in 1994 and 1998.



On the ground floor, workshops and labs are kept so that machines can be easily transported. On the first floor studios are kept where seniors will sit and a way is provided from inside the studios which is accessible to upper studios where juniors work. Both are kept in such a way that maximum interaction takes place. Partitions are provided so that it can either be kept or dismantled fully to make it a continuous space.

Massing is done in the interiors to play with the volumes and in exteriors to get different patterns of shadows while walking through the corridors. Both the departments are connected by a cultural space to the admin where common facilities like library and auditorium are provided. While walking through the passages display boxes are provided where students of all courses will display their present projects on which are are currently working on.        



G.F. Plan

The image below shows the ground floor plan of the Industrial design department.


G.F. Plan

The image below shows the ground floor plan the first floor of the Visual Communication design department.


Site sectional


The image shown below is the site sectional elevations of the campus. It is cut from all the four directions for better understanding.                    


3D exterior views


3D interior views

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