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I'm a UI/UX designer at Johnson Controls based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I recently completed M.S. User Experience and Interaction design from Thomas Jefferson University.

I believe purpose, empathy, and simplicity are the three main aspects of design and our job is to give solutions to the problems faced by individuals in their everyday life through the human–centric approach. Design should be functional, affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and inspiring. I had the opportunity to study and work across 3 different countries and understand the nuances of design culture and how this experience can impact design decisions.

I received a gold medal for my undergraduate thesis project, the National Institute of Design, Kurukshetra. It was further selected from college for NIASA (National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture) in western zone India 2016. I participated in the UK, Queen Elizabeth Line 2018 competition by Transport of London and was shortlisted for the final stage. In the USA, I had an opportunity to work with Kim Douglas on 'Park in a Truck', in the city of Philadelphia. The project was selected for best in the design category at Design Philadelphia 2019.

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I'm sincere, hardworking, and passionate about work. I'm looking forward to working with a talented group of people.

Contact | | +1 609 712 1316

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