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The Form of the Book

Exhibition Design

Having attended the exhibition design workshops and engaged with the external practitioner, we had to develop a proposal for an exhibition that celebrates the form of the book that might be held at the British Library.


PAC Publication

Publication Design

This publication is research based and contains presentation given by four design practitioners. Two of the designers belong to professional field and the other two belongs to academic field. In some of the cases, a mix of both. Their work is presented in the publication.


Secret Envelope

Publication Design

Secret envelope contained a bespoke set of tasks. The tasks were designed to exercise our intellectual, creative and practical abilities. It gave us a good opportunity to use workshop areas for experimentation, for example photograms, letterpress, printing.

Vislang poster mock up 3.jpg

Visual language and grammar

Publication Design

We had to design a series of three posters advertising an exhibition for Kemistry gallery entitled ‘Visual Language and Grammar’ which aims to inform audiences about the application of the fundamental principles of colour and form within visual communication. 

letterform live-01.jpg

Letterform Live Poster

Poster Design

We had to design a poster for a new series of Letterform Live event in a collaboration of Monotype and Grafik for promoting a four part series on Typeface Classifications.

AUA Layout.jpg

UAL Publication

Freelance project

The publication and a booklet was published in UAL London College of Communication in 2018. My role was to design it according to the guidelines of UAL. It was designed for the personal and professional development of the staff at LCC.

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