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UAL Publication

Professional  Context

Publication design, Booklet design,
Branding and Identity

My Role

My role was to design the booklet and the publication according to the guidelines of UAL. It was designed for the personal and professional development of the staff at LCC.


The publication and a booklet was published in UAL London College of Communication in 2018. The work was done under the guidance of my Manager, Ms. Emily Purser.


What is Professional and Personal development tool?

The Professional and Personal Development tool (PPD) is a practical tool for LCC staff in professional and administrative roles to reflect upon their individual strengths and identify areas for professional and personal development.

The tool can be used for both personal reflection on development throughout the year and as an informal conversation tool during regular one to ones and PRAs.


Logo Ideations





Booklet design

Please view the full booklet design below. It is A5 size booklet printed in LCC.


Booklet design

Please view the full publication design below. It is A4 size and is printed in LCC.

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