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Secret Envelope

Academic Context

Reflective Journal

Publication design

Project Brief

Secret envelope contained a bespoke set of tasks. The tasks were designed to exercise our intellectual, creative and practical abilities. It gave us a good opportunity to use workshop areas for experimentation, for example photograms, letterpress, printing.


I came across the work of different artists and graphic designers which gave me a new perspective. I researched about the work of Felice Varini, Todd Mclellan, Carouschka Streijffert, Nick Veasey, Claire Willberg, Lucienne Roberts, Cartlidge Levene, Olafur Eliasson and so on. I was most influenced by the work of Felice Varini and Nick Veasey. I found their concepts very creative as well as interesting.


Task 1 – Map | Given Map



I started to experiment simultaneousy with both the sides of the map. At first, I seperated lines from the map by using illustrator. When I overlapped both sides of the map, I got some geometric forms and inside those forms, different patterns were seen. 

Further extracting each different geometric form, I made an abstract composition. Further, I experimented with offset monoprinting.



Excerpt from sketchbook

Offset Monoprinting


Task 2 – Ticket | Given Ticket



My initial thought procedure before starting this task was that I started to connect it with my task 1 which was map. Map and ticket are very much related to traveling. As the ticket which I got is of London, I chose to take London and incooperate ticket within it.

I started to manipulate the ticket with different shades and tints of colour using illustrator and then made a collage out of it. Pulling out elements from certain areas of the image, finally came up with an idea of merging them in the type London.



Excerpt from sketchbook

Overlapping different  effects of ticket, then extracting some parts from it and making a composition out of it.


Task 3 – Disassemble | Selected inspiration image



The image above was my inspiration for the disassemble task.  It is one of the works of Nick Veasey. Here, he has combined, overlapped and scaled guitars to create a beautiful visual. Some amazing patterns are seen just by overlapping and decreasing the opacity. 

I am very much attached with products therefore I selected mouse as my product to disassemble. 



I created effect like photogram on photoshop and further developed it. Details of the components could be easily figured out with the help of this technique. Effects were given with the help of channel mixer tool of photoshop. 

I took it further to riso printing forexperimentation. I scaled some components of the mouse in thecomposition. Fluorescent orange gave it a very unique look.



Excerpt from sketchbook

Photograms in photoshop and riso printing