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The Form of the Book

Academic Context

In collaboration with Margot Lombaert

Exhibition Design

Project Brief

Having attended the exhibition design workshops and engaged with the external practitioner, we had to develop a proposal for an exhibition that celebrates the form of the book that might be held at the British Library.


The exhibition showcases keys elements of a typical publication, such as the spine, pages, typography, book cloth, end papers and binding. It also includes examples of notable books, key quotes about books, book design and images which explains about the parts of the book.


The first panel describes about the overall view, the second panel describes about the concept and the last panel explains in detail about the exhibition.


The exhibition starts with an art installation which is a book of different sizes. It has a wooden frame in the centre which will have binding. On the two end sides, it will also have a wooden frame and in the centre will be a semi transparent fabric which will have a brief information about the elements of the book. Transparent fabric is selected so that a partial view of the exhibition is seen from the entrance. The materials used are plywood, fabric, thread, papers and metal grill. The overall look is kept dark with sephia lights running on the walls and ceiling to make the audience more focussed while reading. Sitting area is also available so that they can comfortably sit to read and feel like home. 


Posters Gallery


Exhibition design posters

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