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Key Medium LLC

Professional  Context

UX Research / Design Intern

9 Weeks Internship


Out of respect for my employer and due to the NDA I have with Key Medium, not all my work can be displayed publicly. Please request a PDF of my project use cases from me directly at Thank you!

At Key Medium, I got opportunity to do rapid iterations, experimentation and prototyping at various levels, communicate with the clients directly and run workshops to solve complex business problems.

UIUX work

UX Heuristics, Site Audits, Accessibility Audits, Personas, User Journey Maps, Workshops, Wireframes & Prototypes for Web/mobile, User testing


Figma, Miro, Wordpress, Divi Visual Builder., Jira, Google Suite and Adobe Creative Suite, Material design, A/B Testing


SEMRush, Google Analytics, Google Intro to Data Studio

Projects All the projects are in progress.

Workforce PHL - Based on the research and collaboration done with the Think Company, Philadelphia, my task was to design high - fidelity prototypes for Website and mobile. For this, internal meetings was conducted every week in which the progress was discussed and view points of the CEO and other members was taken into consideration and relevant changes were made. 

Navigate PEO -  They wanted to redesign the website to increase traffic, increase engagement and customer retention and improve the user experience of the website. My role was to make quick prototypes with reference to mbootstrap and Divi Visual Builder. Every 3 weeks, a meeting with the client was held to discuss the changes done to the prototypes.

Employee Cycle - My task was to make user journey maps, design a deck which showed Accessibility Audit of the Dashboard page and conduct a workshop with the clients and discuss success, goals and matrix.

H&E IP - My task was to design wireframes based on the brand guidelines given by the client. Check this microsite here.

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