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LMS : Hepatology

Professional  Context

Experience design, Instructional Design

Graduate Assistant

My Role

My role is to develop interactive learning experience for medical students by using Articulate 360 ( e – learning platform). To make the e – learning website engaging, it is divided into two parts : Quizzes and Modules. Currently working on making digital game puzzles prototypes and time lapse of the anatomy of the liver.


Articulate 360 : Storyline 360, Rise 360, Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Premier Pro, Illustrator and photoshop.


Time Lapse

The time lapse is created to get better understanding and visualization of the venous supply to liver and surrounding organs.


Vector Illustrations – The structure of the Liver

The vector illustrations below shows different view of the liver.

Vector illustrations – Venous supply


The vector illustrations below shows venous supply to the liver and other organs.



The links below shows micro animations used in the modules. It is made in storyline 360.


Puzzle Box

This puzzle box contains 5 pieces. Students have to rearrange them and put it in the right order. When done so, the sixth piece appears on its own.

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