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Park in a Truck

Professional  Context

Publication design, Branding and Identity

My Role

I worked on the process and designing of ‘toolkit’ for the community so that they would be able to design, build and maintain the park themselves. I also worked on developing posters for competition like ‘Design Philadelphia’ and community meetings of Mantua. The project was selected for best in show category for ‘Design Philadelphia’, 2019.

What is Park in a Truck?

Park in a Truck is a simple, fast and cost - effective community effort that beautifies our surroundings neighborhoods, one lot at a time. By linking unused lots into a network of green spaces, 'Park in a Truck' helps neighborhood groups design and select what they want in their park. All of the essentials are loaded in a truck and delivered to the site, where community volunteers build their park, barn – raising style.


Branding and Identity


The Brand

'Park in a Truck' helps communities turn unused and neglected open space into a living, breathing neighborhood oasis that is a source of joy and pride for everyone. 



Lots of different ideations were done for the design of the logo of the brand. This logo was also going to be the cover page for the 'toolkit'. The logo had to be something which reflects the essence of the project, 'Park in a Truck'.




The image below shows the finalized logo for 'Park in a Truck'.



The image below shows a series of three posters. It consists of timeline of the project. It is designed for community meeting.


ASLA poster

The image below shows a poster designed for American Society of Landscape Architects competition. The brief which was given that we had to explain brief of 'Park in a Truck' in one image.

One Image ASLA.jpg


PiaT Toolkit

Please see the full toolkit publication here. Also, note that it is on a developing stage.


Characters for Poster design

I developed some characters which was used as a part of the poster at the design Philadelphia show. The illustrations are shown below.

Graphic novel illustrations-03.jpg


Design Philadelphia 2019

Below are the images of Design Philadelphia show. I got an opportunity to be part of it. It was a great experience. 

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