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Academic Context

Project Proposal and realization | Major Project

Publication design


The intention of the project is to understand the problems faced by autistic adults in their workplace. I want non – autistic individuals/ neurotypicals to understand them more better so that they get a friendly environment at the workplace. Some of the autistic adults/ neurodivergents do not get treated in a proper way. This causes mental health problems and discourages them to continue working. By understanding their problems, I want to bridge the gap between autistic people and their colleagues.


According to National Autistic Society UK, only 16% autistic adults in the UK are in full time employment, and only 32% are in some kind of paid job. Only 10% of autistic adults receive employment support but 53% say they want it.


Autism is a spectrum disorder. It is a huge topic but I particularly chose to focus on autistic adults as there was no platform from where they could voice their problems. By contextualization, I came across similar projects which depicted their problems. However, the projects were more focussed towards architecture or product design.

Research Question

How can publication design be used to explore about the problems faced by autistic adults in  the workplace?


What is project proposal and realisation publication?

The project proposal and realization publication shows my entire research process. The process includes finding problem, exploring research question, identifying research area, doing research methods (primary and secondary research, visual experiments, understanding who would be the audience and what would be the final outcome.


Why publication design as outcome?

My selected design area is publication design. The publication is a double spread, image led, depicting the problems of autistic adults in the form of visual language and grammar. It is kept very abstract yet easy to understand. Also, I wanted to show equality between non – autistic individuals and autistic people. Therefore, I thought visual language and grammar was the best way to go about it.I thought publication design would be relevant to this project because every office has a small or a big library and the books stored are particularly for their employees. If anyone has any doubts regarding understanding autistic adults, they may read the book and get a clear idea as to what exactly an autistic adult goes through in their daily life. Apart from this, the book is very handy and easy to keep.


Project Proposal and Realisation Publication



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